Prawn Revolutionaries
Since 2004

The Happy Prawn Co. is an independent, ethical brand producing 100% natural, 100% traceable Black Tiger prawns from Indonesia. Aimed at seafood lovers and foodies alike, the brand officially launched in 2018, but it’s the result of more than a decade’s dedication.

Indeed, it was back in 2004 that work first started with the Indonesian prawn farming communities, establishing the building blocks for the business and laying the foundations of fair pay for farmers.

Providing sustainable incomes for those involved remains right at the heart of our mission today, and we’re also using the ‘power of the prawn’ to help the environment and the local endangered species in the areas in which we operate too.

They say you can’t please everybody all of the time, but at The Happy Prawn Co., we see no harm in trying!

The Smile Behind
The Happy Prawn Co.

This is Rosida. She made all this happen.


Originally from Indonesia, Rosida grew up against a backdrop of traditional shrimp farming, so she’s seen first hand how prawns are raised, and the importance of farmers getting a fair price for their produce.

She knows the local farming community like the back of her hand too, which certainly comes in useful.

Now a mother of two, Rosida splits her time between the UK and Indonesia, but she continues to work tirelessly to develop the farming community at grass roots level. She’s also a strong believer in the protection of the natural environment, and you’ll see that as you browse through the website.

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